Property Claims &
Real Estate in Space

Berkelyn Registry  Berkelyn Registry
Universal Registry for Property
& Real Estate Claims

LedgerLegal Scales LedgerDistributed Ledger
A distributed, permissionless registry toolkit: a simple solution for private space actors to securely record verified data and submit property claims.

A blockchain-secure registry saves time for commercial space participants during international and sovereign reporting and compliance adherence.

Full orbit, the upshot of the resulting quantitative and qualitative representations are corollaries for the data management software used by banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds, and investment managers.

Market Structures for
Interplanetary Trade & Commerce

Berkelyn Registry  Market Structures
Exchange Platform for
Interplanetary Trade & Commerce

Berkelyn Solutions for Interplanetary Trade and Commerce



berkelyn is a team of global experts providing legal, accounting & investment management software to the commercial space industry.

we envision a liquid marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services throughout our solar system in the not too distant future.


Team at Berkelyn


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the managing partners at the new york space alliance (nysa) are actively engaged in product development and operations at berkelyn. along with other companies in nysa's portfolio, feedback, advice, and guidance is critical in spurring relationships and product development at berkelyn.



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